Beaches and Creatures Collection

I’ve been land-locked most of my life and haven’t been to the beach many times. Summer of 2020’s beach trip will go down in history, though.

You see, it was a family trip. My brother and his SO cooked the whole thing up, then invited us all, including my parents. That’s a big deal because my parents are quite elderly now, and suffer many health issues. The most surprising thing is that Mom and Dad agreed to go!

We’ve never been on a “family” trip since my brother and I reached adulthood. And my parents haven’t traveled in years. So it was very special. Nothing really exciting happened other than the typical swimming, fishing and shell collecting that you might expect. But it was precious just the same.

Below you can find all the remaining pieces: two sold before the release! Just click on those still available to go right to that painting in the web store. You can read more about it there and easily add it to your cart. There will also be a styled image there to give you an idea how it will look in your home.

If you are interested in either of the sold pieces, I am able and willing to recreate them. They will be slightly different but similar to the ones you see. Simply message me below or use the chat.