Art Lessons

Being a teacher is such an honor and a privilege. Passing on the art is just as important as passing on the music. It excites me so much that I’ve started sharing my art knowledge just as I’ve been sharing my music knowledge for years. Click here to read about my art journey.

I’ve shared many tutorials, reviews and tips on my YouTube Channel for free. Please do take advantage of the information there. I add more, from time to time.

There are many articles on the blog that are helpful as well.

But if you are ready to embrace your inner artist, and you would like someone to hold your hand, I am now offering classes and private art lessons. Online or in person (if you’re local, of course).

For kids, I offer in person and online lessons. For online, please navigate over to my Outschool Classes. It’s free to create an account and they give you $20 credit to begin (more than enough to take a class with me), then you’ll be able to find my classes and many others for your learners to enjoy. I look forward to having them in class!

For in person, please use the contact form below to begin a conversation about how I can help your learner reach their art goals.

For adults, I offer pastel lessons in person and online.

Private lessons are available online or in person at my studio in Kingsland, Texas. Please contact me for details using the chat or the contact form below.