Meet Esther

I’m Esther. I am an artist and musician sharing the joy and power of truth and beauty. I am also a teacher of both music and pastels.

Here are some things others have said about me that may help you know me a bit better:

“You have sunflowers in your eyes.”

“You’re like a cat’s eye marble: round and beautiful.”

“You’re too nice.”

“First of all you are an intensely creative person, i.e. predominately right-brained which tends to equal about a half-step out of regimentation with the general population, couple that with a streak of perfectionism.

“The difficulty with you is that you refuse to settle for small talk and worthless conversation that only serves as white noise in the background of our daily lives. You expect people to think, to say what they mean and mean what they say, and to be more than sound bite dispensers. The difficulty with you is that you want depth in an otherwise shallow world. So – be difficult! It means the people who do talk to you have something to say and want to hear what you have to say to them!”

And some interesting facts:

I love purple, have three dogs, enjoy star gazing, and my art has come later in life and is self-taught.

I am some weird mix of INTJ/INFJ and read as an enneagram 1.

Use the form or the information in the header to contact me concerning the purchase of my art or becoming a student in my Marble Falls or Kingsland Texas studios.