About My Art

I paint for the joy of discovering that I can paint. At this advanced time in my life, I have this joy that I have discovered a new part of myself that I never knew existed. It almost feels like magic!

I paint with pastels because at my age I haven’t time to wait–pastels are immediate and vibrant, and so forgiving, and they look beautiful before I even pick them up to use them.

My art is about discovering the what ifs: what if there is a magical part of you that you haven’t discovered yet? What would it be like to swish pure color around on paper and realize that it actually looks like something? What if there are bits of you that just need a tender brush off and touch up to be beautiful? And then even more what ifs; what if I use this color? What if I try to paint that subject? What if it’s awesome? What if you like it too? And instantly, magically, a community that didn’t exist before that moment is created.

I came to painting through my interest in astronomy. I seeking a way to record what I had seen through the eyepiece of my telescope, I discovered pastels. The first time I saw a box full of pure color, I was instantly addicted. I paint for the same reasons that I stargaze:

To see.

To see better. To see more. To see deeper. To see completely.

To think. To think better, more, deeper, completely.

Having seen, to then know better, more, deeper, completely.

And therefore to worship the Creator more fully. To worship and know Him better, more, deeper, completely. And then to give back. It’s an impossible task, of course. It will be an eternal quest, never finished.

This is truly why I paint. It is why I music and why I live, though I often forget it.

When the Creator is sought, other treasures are found along the way. Discovered: peace, wonder, ability, generosity, humility and a magical realization of Him through me to the world.

I thought I couldn’t, but I could. Every painting, every musical offering, is magical to me—because this thing came out of ME…me, the clumsy, selfish, belligerent, socially inept untalented and hopeless-without-God.

I invite you into this ancient, divine magic of art and music. May you find beauty, joy, peace, purpose and inspiration here. Godspeed.

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