A Light Shines Through It

A Light Shines Through It 12X12 not yet available for purchase

Certain pieces are starting to exhibit the characteristics that I’ve always hoped for in my paintings. The quality of light that I delight in, especially glowing or dappled light, is becoming slowly possible and even evident.

A Light Shines Through It is one of those pieces that comes close to touching my heart with that delight.

The scene is from the artists retreat way back in April. On the last day I spent an hour just walking around the campgrounds and snapping photos of things I thought I might like to paint later. Not too far outside my little cabin door was this cactus, backlit by the morning sun. Each baby pad was glowing with the light shining through.

There is a wisdom in what we see around us. If we look carefully and give thought to what we see, we will find wonder and gratitude and have the opportunity to internalize the peace and the wisdom.

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