A Childhood Myth

Is there something you thought you could not do when you were a child that you eventually learned to do and enjoy as an adult? I’d love to hear about it.

Lately I’ve been concentrating on finding things for which I am thankful in each day or situation. It isn’t just because Thanksgiving is coming up… I’ve been practicing for several months. I’ve found it gets easier over time, and that my heart is encouraged and uplifted more as I am faithful to do it. It seems that the positive things are easier to notice!

One thing I’m thankful for this week is that drawing is a skill set that I am learning and at which I’m improving.

At an early point in my life I believed that drawing well was a skill that you either were born with or not–and I had not been born with it. In fact, it was the mistaken belief that I wouldn’t need to learn to draw that was partially responsible for my interest in pastels! (Not true, by the way, though I was able to get thoroughly hooked before discovering I was wrong.)

Now I have a sketch book and kit that is with me everywhere I go, and I’m able to pull it out and sketch wherever I might have a moment or two. I find it very relaxing and enjoyable.

I have been painting, but the piece I’m working on has taken quite a lot of time, and isn’t yet finished. So today I’m sharing some of my recent sketches just for fun.

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