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3 Reasons To Consider Original Art For Your Home

“I understand why artists are always starving. They charge so much no one can afford to buy their art!”

Have you ever had that thought? I know that before I became an artist, I did. True confession. Now that I’m creating art myself, I totally understand why artists price their art as they do. But what I want to share with you today is 3 reasons to consider making the sacrifice and saving up to purchase real original art from a real artist.

Reason #1: Your Home becomes more meaningful.

“I am moving up north, and I wanted to take something with me to remind me of Texas.”

“I love dragonflies”

“These flowers are so bright and sunny–really joyful. I’ve been looking for something like them to cheer up a room.”

“This painting really moves me. The flowers look as if they are dancing with God.”

quotes from people who have bought paintings from me

Each original painting means something special to the artist. But it also means something special to the collector: and that might be something completely different that what it means to the artist! The whole point of making art is to express something very personal–it’s no wonder that it brings out something in the viewer as well. And since we are all unique, it’s completely fine if what the painting says to you is something different than what it says to the artist who created it. When you purchase original art, you are surrounding yourself with meaning. As a result, your home becomes even more meaningful to you and your family.

Cardinal in tree painting
Some people believe seeing a Cardinal means a loved one who has passed is letting them know they are not alone. 6×8 unframed

Mindfulness and Self-Care

We are surrounded by ugliness every day. It is the way of life in our times. We see ugly scenes on the news, we are bombarded with ugly acts humans do to other humans, hateful words and phrases pass through our ears almost unheeded: but it all adds up to a weight of sadness that can really drag us down.

Having a meaningful piece of original art in your space is a vacation for the mind. For a moment, you can let yourself enter the world of that art–it can be a world full of all your favorite things, or a world that helps you center yourself before you move on to the next part of your day. It can remind you of a happier time and grow hope within you that better times are on their way. Or it can help ground you in this present moment, to know that you are safe, and that beauty still exists.

Yellow wicker chair on deck painting
Waiting for Dolphins–does it make you think of a peaceful afternoon on a deck near the ocean?

The Uniqueness of You

“Oh, that’s a lovely print–I bought one just like it for my own living room.”

The decorative print above your couch might have been very affordable, but there’s an excellent chance (almost 100% I would think) that it is above someone else’s couch, too. Maybe a lot of other couches.

And yet, you are a unique person with a unique personality and unique gifts and even unique tastes. When you choose a piece of original art, it is as unique as you are. There is not another piece of art that is exactly like it. Even if the artist made another one, it couldn’t be made exactly like the first.

Bringing that uniqueness into your home will give you the chance to share your uniqueness with those who visit you. It could even be a conversation starter! When you tell your story to others based on the art in your home, you can be sure they will share a story of their own with you–and that is how we build relationships.

Original art is such an asset to you, your home, and your family. I have several pieces of meaningful original art in my home. One is a painting my husband’s grandmother did while she was alive. I have had it for many years, but when I bought this house, I created a special place for it. I’m reminded of her warm sweetness and kind practicality every time I look at it.

Miles–Pet Portraits can tell stories about your furry babies 8X10 SOLD

I’m interested to hear about any experiences you have had with owning or viewing original art. Tell me your story! I’d love to answer any questions you might have, too.

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