2020 Gift Giving Guide

It’s that time again, and it’s just as weird as 2020 has been all year.

But then, it’s always weird to buy art or education as a gift. So, we’re on track here. Nothing to concern us.

How about some ideas? Great! Let’s go!


I teach music. Adults, children, beginners, advanced…I teach music. Some of the greatest experiences I have ever had have been teaching music.

  • Piano–learn to play, spruce up your skills, or just meet for accountability. Online, or in person.
  • Voice–Correct breathing, tone production, and fun. Online, or in person.
  • Flute–beginner to late intermediate, and even for littles who aren’t ready for the flute yet. Online, or..yeah. 😉

Want to learn how to paint with pastels? Individual lessons are available. Online or in person.

You can gift these using the gift card option in my webshop . These pair well with the gift of an instrument–are you buying a keyboard, karaoke machine or recorder for your learner? Buy lessons at the same time and include them in the gift!


Buying art for loved ones is always tricky. Gift cards are the answer and available in my shop.

But giving a gift card can sometimes be a bit of a bummer.

So…instead of just buying and printing out the gift card, slipping it in an envelope and hanging it on the tree, how about this:

An artistic experience

You slip a hand-created (by me) invitation into an envelope and give it to your special person. Then, at a convenient time for your loved one and yourself, make an appointment to visit my home studio.

I will set the table for a lovely tea. You and your guest will enjoy tea and delicacies, while you look at the art available, learn the stories behind the pieces, see my creator studio and learn about my process. You can take your time to look through ALL the art and choose that special one the touches the heart of your guest.

Once you leave, I will frame and package the painting and deliver it to you. If you arrange for this right away, it can even be delivered so that there is something special waiting under the tree Christmas morning! Very, very special.

*There are a limited number of these appointments I’ll be able to host between now and Christmas. Get your request in immediately.

It works like this: you will find an offer in my webshop for “Artistic Experience Deposit”. Simply purchase that, and then I will contact you so that we can make arrangements. The deposit covers the handmade invitation, tea and studio visit. Art will be available for purchase at regular studio prices. Delivery is free in my local area.

Which of these ideas would be a wonderful gift for someone in your life? GUYS…I KNOW your lady would LOVE the Artistic Experience. Trust me. I’m a lady, so I know these things. Besides…it’s a behind-the-scenes look into a crazy artist’s life. What a thrill, eh?

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