The Art of Esther L Jones

I invite you into this ancient, divine magic of art and music. May you find beauty, joy, peace, purpose and inspiration here. Godspeed.

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The Bishop’s Contemplation

Grounded in comforting sunshine, weighed down with the heavy metal poisoning of a toxic world. Yet here the wind of the Spirit whispers, breathing through simple white blooms, “so even springs beauty from taint of toxin by the hand of our good God,” and away wafts the crumbled heart-lead as does the reborn caterpillar. These…

Fiesta Siesta

I’ve been doing all kinds of artsy things, but not really posting for various reasons: mostly because what I have painted hasn’t been that great, but also because some of the artsy things I’ve been doing don’t involve actual painting… …a constant push and pull for artists. There has to be time to run the…

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